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Ayli's Food Dish

The Sixth Catmandment: Remember my food dish and keep it full.

Why send me gifts? Because you want to. Because you enjoy it. Because generosity is a reward in and of itself and I am really heckin cute and utterly deserving of gifts. But if you’d like another incentive, that’s okay too because I ALSO LIKE SENDING GIFTS. So if you’d like a thank you gift, all you have to do is let me know! DM me on Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Fetlife, or whatever random website you got this link from. I mostly send panties, but feel free to make requests!


Important Info: My birthday is October 5th. Now, onto the actual wishlist...


Cat Lady Box

  • Help me collect all the kitty themed things! I use this box for myself and to spoil the other models on KittysKuriosities. CLICK HERE to send a giftcard to kattanomia@gmail.com


Dress Me Up

  • Dress me up! Help me get regular day to day clothing from InControl. CLICK HERE to send a giftcard to kattanomia@gmail.com

  • Buy me these fangs! They don't have a giftcard option, so you'll have to message me to work something out.


Feed Me

  • Kitty’s gotta eat! CLICK HERE to send a GrubHub giftcard to kattanomia@gmail.com so I can have food delivered to me directly!

  • Buy me dinner, coffee, snacks, or dessert by checking out my food wishlist HERE



  • Want to get me something not on this list? You may have noticed by now, but e-giftcards can always be sent to kattanomia@gmail.com - surprise me! I can pretty much spend money anywhere. (: 


Kuriosity Studio Equipment

  • Want to help grow my studio and improve my content? CLICK HERE to check out my studio wishlist.


Location Shoots


Miscellaneous Treats 

  • Anything I think of that doesn’t fit into an above category can be found on THIS wishlist.

  • Get me the DnDBeyond Sourcebook Bundle! They do not offer giftcards, so you'll have to message me to work something out. This gift will directly impact my live streams!